(Premium) Health Care Sector Deep Dive- July

Our job as technicians is to find trends, with the belief that trends are more likely to persist than reverse course.

One of the easiest ways to identify those trends is to look at a stock’s current price and compare it to the level and direction of a moving average of trailing prices. If the current price is above a rising moving average (MA), then prices are in an uptrend. Below a falling MA, a downtrend. Pretty simple, right?

Things are a little more difficult when you get mixed signals: the level says one thing, but the MA trend says another. What if price is above a falling MA? That’s key first step toward a new uptrend, but it doesn’t always mean prices have bottomed. The same logic holds for a price that’s below a rising MA.

So what do you call it when prices are directly on top of a flat moving average? We call it a bag of frustration. Or a hot mess. Or in this case, we call it Health Care.

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