The Grindstone Approach

Grindstone Intelligence incorporates a data-driven, safety-first approach to investment research. We don’t subscribe to the buy and hold mentality – when the data changes, we change our minds. Passive investing is hard to beat in a bull market, of that there is no doubt. Too often, though, we’ve watched as market drawdowns caused investors to abandon passive strategies at the worst possible times. It’s easy to point at human behavior as the problem, but human behavior doesn’t change. The real problem is that passive investing isn’t compatible with behavioral flaws. And whether we like it or not, those flaws drive decisions.

That’s why our team of seasoned professionals works so hard to detect both opportunities and risks in the investment landscape. We look at the market through a macroeconomic lens, then utilize a top-down technical approach to identify the best trends among each asset class, sector, and industry. Our favorite trends are those supported by both investor sentiment and long-term fundamental tailwinds, but if the outlook changes or the investment landscape darkens, we have no problem shifting our focus. There’s always a bull market somewhere.